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World Heart Day: Tips to Be (and Stay) Heart Healthy

World Heart Day is a worldwide campaign designed to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease. As part of raising awareness for this serious condition we hope to provide you with tips to help you make, or keep, your heart healthy.

World Heart Day, celebrated on September 29th, was initiated in 2012 to help raise awareness of the world’s number one killer, cardiovascular disease (CVD). CVD, disease associated with the heart and blood vessels – also known as heart disease – encompasses many conditions including,

  • Heart failure – The body is not receiving the blood and oxygen it needs to function from the heart.
  • Arrhythmia – An abnormal rhythm or beat of the heart, i.e. too fast, too slow, or irregularly.
  • Heart valve problems – Stenosis (incomplete opening of the valves), regurgitation (incomplete closing of the valves), and prolapse (valve leaflets bulge or prolapse back into the upper chamber of the heart) are the different types of heart valve problems.

If you’d like more information and even more heart healthy tips, read this.

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