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Patients of Holtorf Medical Group are happy and get well. In a peer reviewed study published in Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 94% of our patients had overall improvement by the 4th visit. Here are the highlights:

500 patient study demonstrated that a multi-system treatment protocol that addresses the
known physiologic abnormalities in CFS and fibromyalgia resulted in:

  • 94 percent of patients had overall improvement by the 4th visit.
  • 75 percent noted significant overall improvement.
  • 62 percent reported substantial overall improvement.
  • The average energy level and sense of well-being for patients doubled
    by the fourth visit.

We have more than just a study. We have Holtorf Medical Group patients that give us testimonials and reviews like the ones you can read here.

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 72 reviews
Don’t give up!

I was told that my my blood work was fine with my regular MD and that I might need to seek counseling for my all body pain and fatigue. Then a rhemetologist told me I could forget going back to work because I had Fibromyalgia. Holtdorf was my last option before I started a regular life of pain meds daily. I can honestly say this place with God’s direction gave me my life back. I’m working and can now do things with my kiddos again. If you are suffering chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, your life is not over. This place can help you. I’m not saying I’m totally healed, but I can at least manage my symptoms. I know how you feel and please don’t give up!! There hope for you here!!😘

Holtorf exceeds and succedes when others cannot

Ive posted here before, but I find it crucial to get the point across to any potential and inquiring individuals seeking help from professionals like at Holtorf, look no further. My search took years with unsatisfactory treatment, uncaring doctors and getting the run around until I met Dr.Wightman and his staff, they changed my life for the better. They give you care with quality, they treat you like a human being and get results for you. Thyroid etc. These people are my heroes and are wonderful. No one is the same, so you are treated with respect and given a program in what works best for you. The Holtorf Group is here for you...

Life with Hashimoto

I don't know where to begin. I am a 63 year old male who has been miserable for the past 12 years with Hashimoto. I have been seeing my family physician and a Endocrinologist routinely for the past 12 years with no relief of my symptoms other then what my T4 blood results. When I approached my doctors with my symptoms of abdominal pain, muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms and many other symptoms from time to time they had no answers.
Being desperate and on my way to Georgia to visit my grandchildren I began searching for a physician who specializes in treating Hashimoto. Thank god I came across the Holtorf Medical Group. I immediately made an appointment with Angel Nofzinger,NP and have had 2 appointments with her. At this time I can't begin to tell you how great it is to not experience the abdominal or joint issues. I feel like a new person. I am looking forward to my next blood tests and adjustments in my MedIcine to see if we can reach a new level of well being.
Thank you Angel.

Thank You, Dr. Holtorf!

Words are totally inadequate to express my continual gratitude. I am not sure if I would even be alive today without your steadfast compassion and willingness to continue to try new treatments even in the face of my lack of funds. The devastation to my health and bodily systems is only surpassed by the horror of losing my financial security, profession and ability to be a contributing member of society. I dedicated my life to service decades ago. Being here and functional means I can continue to change lives and make dreams come true! In this way you are also touching dozens of other's lives, not the least my dear children who are beginning to breathe again. They realize that their mother is fighting back to my rightful place in the family as matriarch and caregiver. Forever grateful!

With deep respect,

Knowledge is Power

When I first saw Dr. Blakely I broke down crying during our appointment because I was so overwhelmed by my inexplicable health issues. A pervasive feeling of fatigue and brain fog left me zapped of energy most days and I also experienced IBS issues that led to unnecessary weight loss. I had experienced these symptoms to a varying degree for over a decade since around the time I contracted a very bad case of mononucleosis, but all of a sudden they were dramatically worse. Feeling a little skeptical and worried about how I would afford the treatment at Holtorf I committed 100% to Dr. Blakely's treatment plan. I began to notice improvement within 2 weeks of treatment and I've continued this gradual improvement, so that now I feel pretty close to normal. If you're in the Bay Area looking for a doctor to help you with inexplainable chronic health issues I highly recommend Dr. Blakely and Holtorf Medical Group. They are very thorough and very experienced in complex health problems. Dr. Blakely is very knowledgable and personable and I owe her so much for guiding me on my health journey.

Dr. Laufer and Holtorf are the greatest!

I would have rated much higher if allowed. I have been seeing Dr. Moses Laufer since apx 2006 and he is awesome!! This medical group is on the cutting edge and they do extensive testing to get it right! If you are searching for an answer give them a try! You will be glad you did.

Finally sleeping 🙂

I've been to so many doctors I can't count them. No one helped. After only 2 visits with Dr. Blakely, based on my lab results, she ordered my new, compounded prescriptions. One is slow release T3. I didn't even know such a medication existed. The first night I took it I slept much better than I had anytime in the past 4 months. Now after 3 nights I'm beginning to feel I might get my life back. It's been 35 years of insomnia for me, 35 years of struggling night after night, fighting the lack of energy during the days. I'm so thankful for Holtorf Medical Group and Dr. Blakeley. Not only is my sleep 90% better, she also prescribed compounded hormones. I can feel my libido returning after 2 years of missing in action. This is life changing for me. For the first time in years I feel there's hope, that my Hashimoto's won't rule my life, that I'll again be able to work out, make plans to attend important family events, and most of all, think about going on overnight outings. It's a miracle that a simple medication can have such profound effects and that Dr. Blakeley took the time to review my history and symptoms so well she was able to hit the mark spot on. I'm so grateful.

Dr. Holtorf is an amazing, life-changing doctor!

I was depressed, overweight and out of shape when I first walked into the office of Dr. Kent Holtorf 15 years ago. I lacked vitality and enthusiasm for life and I merely just existed, my life felt blah. After my first visit with Dr. Holtorf, I knew instantly that I had found my doctor for life. He was unlike any other doctor I had ever met and the vast amount of knowledge and research he demonstrated was unreal. From that first visit and during every follow-up appointment over the years, I've never felt rushed and his caring and compassionate nature make me feel that he truly cares about my health and wellbeing. Each time I meet with him I learn more about how to be my optimal self.

I have referred countless people to Dr. Holtorf, who are all as grateful as I am, because he is a genius at finding solutions for people whom have given up hope.

I could go on and on about the miraculous results I have seen him produce for people who had exhausted every other treatment option and doctor they could find but essentially, I just want to express that Dr. Holtorf is an amazing, life-changing doctor and a truly genuine and caring man.


2 years ago I had to quit work I'm 64 I worked for a while with fibromyalgia that's what I was told I had so they started me on Norco 10 and a sleeping pill but they haven't found an antidepressant yet to fit me so now they say you are getting addicted to Norco so they took it away from me I was taking 180 now it's down to 60 pills a month and so they say a new law came in June and soon nobody will be getting Norco for their pain my fibromyalgia or if that's what it is seems like something is working its way from inside out of me like it's eating me eating my body it is so depressing that you wonder why you should even live with this I've worked as a CNA most of my life but I did have a melanoma when I was 27 it was pretty bad so I had to have chemo the doctor said later in life it might hurt my bones so at first I was on ibuprofen I end up with ulcers for 4 years but I had to keep taking the ibuprofen with a stomach medicine until it got where it didn't work I couldn't get no one to help me so I started drinking liquor for Help At Night well that got where it didn't work either it just made me worse I did exercises lost weight watched what I ate took protein for extra help cuz I'm not a meat eater took calcium and things I need for my body and still yet I end up with this fibromyalgia or whatever it is my aunt and niece has fibromyalgia but my aunt and niece have Lupus now I went to the doctor this last week to a clinic because my Medi-Cal and Medicare and other medicine insurance has not kicked in until May that doctor at Adventist said there is nothing wrong with me I tried to tell him where it was hurting he said there's nothing wrong with you he was rude and mean to me I told him sometimes I feel like I'm dying and he said there's nothing wrong with you I'm telling you the doctors at Adventist help in Kings County are rude most of them I wonder why they can't take a class are have to take a class in pain when it comes to fibromyalgia it is a real problem and maybe other people are overdosing on their meds but I go by what the label says I don't over take my meds may the Lord help those that do not help those and need for I feel it will catch up with them one of these days

Getting my health back!

I HIGHLY recommend. Before I found Dr. Holtorf, I was spending 85% of my life in bed, crippled in pain and unable to find any hormonal balance. I was sweating, gaining weight, achy, greasy, foggy-- feeling so bad. I was admitted to a top New York City Iniversity hospital, and seen by many specialists who did nothing but offer bad news and antidepressants. I really had no quality of life whatsoever.

In two short months, I am recovering. I trust Dr. Holtorf. He thinks outside the box and he is fearless and brilliant. I have only been in treatment there for a few months, but already my body feels very recovered. My symptoms are melting away and my sluggish and irregular systems are turning back on.

The results are very real. I have gone off of all other meds, and am only being treated by IV therapy and supplements.
I never thought this would be possible.

I am ever grateful and really recommend.

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