Stop the Weight is Back!

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In preparation for the launch we sat down with Dr. Evans to learn a little more about the online weight loss program she designed.

About Stop the Weight

Interviewer: We’re here at the Holtorf Medical group with Dr. Evans to discuss her online weight loss program, Stop the Weight. STW was originally launched a couple of years ago and is now being re-launched.

So, let’s talk a little bit about STW. How is it different from other weight loss programs?

Dr. Evans: You know, losing weight is not a quick fix. There is just no way you can take a pill or do a 2-day cleanse or something like that and lose the weight. You really have to learn about all the systems of the body. You have to figure out which one is blocking your weight loss. You really have to optimize them. So with every module we go through and we talk about mitochondrial support, that’s our energy production so that has to be involved in losing weight. We talk about optimizing your thyroid which you’ll have to do with your doctor. And we really make all the dietary changes that are essential. You just have to have to do them in order to lose weight.

Interviewer: You touched a little on this not being a “quick fix”. So, how long is this program?

Dr. Evans: It’s eight weeks. We start with a module every week and we also have daily emails to keep you on track which is really helpful. We also have an online forum so you can ask questions and bond with other people in the group and I’ll answer the questions. So, there’s eight weeks and the thing that I really like about this program is that it really just gives you one tip to do each week. It’s overwhelming to think, “Do I have to change my whole kitchen?” “Do I have to get up at 5 in the morning?” So we just work on one element at a time.

Interviewer: That’s great! As people get older it’s a little harder to lose weight, is this age-specific? Is STW only for a certain age group?

Dr. Evans: Hey! During our last launch I was so surprised and happy because we had a couple people in their 50s and 60s. There was a man that was 62 and he lost 16 pounds and I talked to him later and he lost another 4! There was a woman in her late 50s and she lost 8 pounds. So really, when you optimize your health anybody can lose weight. It’s really about getting to your optimal weight. It’s never too late!

Interviewer: That’s great! Well you touched upon this just a little bit, but the question on everyone’s mind is will I lose weight and how much will I lose on STW?

Dr. Evans: We can’t guarantee any certain number, but what we see is that initial bloating and that extra water retention usually comes down within the first couple of weeks and that’s usually a pound or two depending on the person. We see so many other benefits. We see bloating coming down – that’s a big one! And we call this bloating, but it’s really sort of that puffiness or water retention that’s in the face, we see that coming down. We see people having more energy. So maybe at the beginning they’re feeling more energy, but then they start getting into an exercise routine then that will accelerate the program. So, of course we can’t guarantee how many pounds anyone is going to lose, but everyone really did in this last round so we know that they’re going to get improvement.

Interviewer:Great! Thank you so much for that information!

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