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Questions You Need to Ask Your Thyroid Doctor

Questions You Need to Ask Your Thyroid Doctor

Locating a knowledgeable thyroid doctor can seem like an unending search as many physicians have a severe lack of understanding regarding thyroid health, diagnosis, and proper treatment. Because of this, nearly half of thyroid disease sufferers are undiagnosed or undertreated.

Recognizing the signs of a poorly equipped thyroid specialist can help you find the medical practitioner that is right for you! The questions below are designed to do just that.

Ask your physician the following questions (you can download and print them here) to help you better assess their thyroid knowledge.

For more information on locating a thyroid expert and the correct answers to these questions, read this.

  1. Are you willing to run a full thyroid panel including T4, T3, Reverse T3, TSH and thyroid antibodies?
  2. Do you believe optimizing Free T3 levels is an important part of treatment?
  3. Is levothyroxine the only thyroid hormone treatment you prescribe?
  4. What treatment option is best for me?
  5. Will you run an ultrasound to assess physical changes in my thyroid?
  6. If I still experience symptoms after your prescribed treatment, will you help optimize treatment or pursue other treatment options?
  7. Do I need to change my diet?
  8. Are my adrenals functioning properly?
  9. When should I take my medication?
  10. Can I exercise safely?
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