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Finding Quality Supplements That Are Right for You

Finding Quality Supplements

The body requires an appropriate balance of various vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Most of us immediately turn to our diet as the primary of nutrition. Unfortunately, this may not be enough.

Many factors of the modern world including exposure to pesticides and toxins, soil depletion, and the proliferation of nutrient-deficient, genetically modified foods have resulted in poor individual nutrient levels. Therefore, supplementation has become a necessity.

The world of supplementation can be overwhelming but perhaps the most important aspect of supplementing well is finding and using a high-quality supplement.

The following methods for identifying quality supplements will help you attain more balanced and optimized nutrition.

Look for Pharmaceutical Grade Products

The greatest quality supplements all fall into the category of pharmaceutical grade. To earn a pharmaceutical grade, supplements must meet the US Pharmacopeia standards. This rigorous assessment ensures that the ingredients contained within the product are the purest possible.

Pharmaceutical grade products must also consist of at least 99% raw materials meaning they lack potentially harmful fillers and binders. Products that are pharmaceutical grade are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients possible while meeting regulation requirements. Although they tend to be more expensive, pharmaceutical grade products are always produced with high quality materials.

Be aware that even if a product is labeled “pure” or “high quality” it may not be pharmaceutical grade. Always look for verifiable endorsements or grading.

Research Product Before Buying Them

There is an incredible number of supplemental products on the market. This makes it a challenge to be well-educated on all possible supplements available to you. However, it is always smart to research a company and their product prior to purchasing it.

Using a tool such as the Consumer Labs Website allows individuals to evaluate numerous products and companies based on their safety, product potency and contents, manufacturing practices and more.

Finding a manufacturer who invests in high quality lab testing, ingredients, and materials may also prove beneficial in procuring a high-quality supplement. Typically, if a manufacturer follows good production practices their supplement is generally higher quality. Brands and products that are emblazoned with a symbol from the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the NSF International Public Health and Safety Company speak to the exceptional quality of the product. Indicators of 3rd party testing also help validate the value and efficacy of the product.

It’s common practice for high potency supplements to be marketed or distributed exclusively through medical practitioners. This is because manufacturers want to make sure their product is used safely and effectively.

Double Check What’s in the Supplement

Before purchasing or using any supplemental product always read the label thoroughly. Even though a product may be marketed as pure, there is potential for additional contents.

Some companies use additives such as magnesium stearate and stearic acid when producing their supplements, which expedite the process and total volume. However, they provide no benefit to the consumer and may actually harm immune and cardiovascular function.

It’s not uncommon for allergens including gluten, dairy, or yeast to be snuck into the formulation or integrated during the manufacturing process. Those who are sensitive to such allergens may react poorly to the product and not get any notable value from its use. Also, be vigilant in checking for unwanted binders, fillers, dyes, etc.

Be sure to read the source information listed on the bottle as well. Typically, quality materials are sourced from the United States, Europe, and South America. If an ingredient is sourced from a suspect location, the product quality may not meet an appropriate standard.

Avoid Cheap Brands and Knock-offs

Many products do not meet the pharmaceutical grade requirements and may contain as little as 10% of the raw material with the remaining 90% being composed of fillers, binders, and non-beneficial substances. More often than not, diluting the raw ingredient is the primary method of cost reduction. However, this also significantly limits the potency and efficacy of the product.

Using the lowest quality or cheapest supplement may harm your body. Poor quality supplements are lower potency and have greater risk of contamination. This is why Holtorf Medical Group’s Medical Director, Dr. Kent Holtorf, created the HoltraCeuticals supplement line.

Understandably, not everyone is able to purchase the highest quality brands of the supplements they need. If you’re unable to acquire high grade products for each supplemental need, consider speaking with a physician. A doctor who is knowledgeable regarding supplementation can help prioritize which few high-quality supplements provide the greatest benefit for your individual health needs. It is generally better to purchase a few high-quality supplements rather than many poor quality and potentially dangerous products.

Stay Safe by Using Quality Supplements

Being aware of the potential dangers hiding in off-brand bottles or products produced by companies with poor production practices is already a big step towards better supplementation. When pursuing a quality supplement consider the tips in this article and make a conscious decision to engage in your own supplement education and research. Look to purchase supplements from trusted companies, medical practitioners, or specialty stores and local health food stores. Typically, the quality of the products they carry will be higher and the proprietors or employees often have a better understanding of the product.

Regardless of where you purchase your supplements it is best to be well-informed, so you can get the best supplement possible for your individual needs.


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