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Nancy Evans, N.D.

Nancy Evans, ND earned her Doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Dr. Evans treats all medical conditions such as allergies, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, infertility, obesity, heart disease, menopause, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease. Dr. Evans has full prescriptive rights for both pharmaceutical medications and bio-identical hormones. She uses all modalities along with advanced laboratory testing to search for the cause of disease, rather than just treating symptoms.  She is currently pursuing the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (FAARM) and Board Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Evans brings a holistic focus as the first Naturopathic Doctor to join Holtorf Medical Group. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition and supplementation complement the integrative protocols prescribed at Holtorf Medical Group. Her passion lies in optimizing the physical, mental and emotional health of her patients through the use of hormones and nutraceuticals —true integrative medicine.  

She has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from U. C. Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Spanish from Middlebury College in Vermont and Spain. She also taught yoga for many years in Marin County where she developed a teacher training program and an audio CD, “YOGA: A Beginning with Nancy Evans”.

Dr. Evans has personal experience with the power of bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) as a life-enhancing medical treatment for mid-life and beyond.  She is continually updating her own regimen to keep up with new research in anti-aging and longevity medicine.

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I'm a patient of Dr. Holtorf's, first and foremost. I only wish him and his staff the best in all they do. For over 10 years I have had the pleasure of being treated by a doctor whom has struggled with Lyme, like I, most of his life. There were many days I had that were unbearable... For us both. And honestly if it wasn't for his compassion for me and his ever digging for new meds for a possible comfort zone... I would have had three things happen :( I would have ended up in a mental ward, jail or dead. He saved my life with caring about getting to the bottom of what I needed to help with my sever nurolyme. My confusion & brain fog was immeasurable. my indescribable body pain, organ issues, and failure to function was out of control. This gentle doctor cared about me. And I care about him.

He's a busy Dr. and he carefully handed me off to another wonderful doctor.... Dr. Nancy Evans. She is a sweet, well informed doctor that has also changed my life in a different way while keeping Dr. Holtorf's regimen of mine intact. Which for me is life or death. Her valuable advice for nutrition and balance have helped me to loose almost 40 lbs and cleared up my pre-diabetes and heart issues. From homemade bone broth... natural supplements and proper medications... I have found myself in a better place. I read all the neg reviews.... And understand some of the frustrations one might/would have. Yes, they don't take Ins. Yes, they want you to take their supplements ( because Dr. Holtorf has spent a lot of time and research for his patients ) Dr. Evans has never pushed a drug on me, merely suggestions to make me more comfortable. I appreciate everything Dr. Evans has done for me. For someone with 3rd stage chronic Lyme for the past 50 years, being told I was crazy and removing organs. For being handed one of Dr. Holtorf's most sickest and cared for cases..... Dr. Evans has rose above... has been compassionate, responsive and helpful in my life. I hope for all Lymies and others that they can find a Dr. & staff as wonderful as I have! Ciao & good luck to all.

Cathy K.

I've had undiagnosed/untreated autoimmune disease and viral and bacterial infections for much of my life leading to chronic fatigue, pain, depression, brain fog and generally a poor quality of life. Although my previous doctors thought they were following best practice guidelines, they did not know about or refused to order complete testing that might reveal conditions that produced my symptoms. They just ordered pharmaceuticals to cover up the symptoms. I was desperate to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment that would get to the root cause of my illness. Then I found Holtorf Medical Group and Dr. Evans who practice functional medicine. What a difference! The first consultation was so comprehensive as well as the lab work. With a correct diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Evans has made a major positive impact on my health and functioning. She listens, is honest and realistic, has a good sense of humor and will answer my questions. Kim, Dr. Evan's assistant has been so helpful and kind. She's a very effective liaison between doctor and patient. All the staff at Holtorf have been exemplary in my opinion. The front desk staff are friendly and informative. I don't have to worry about someone overlooking my presence and what I'm there for. The IV staff are amazing at their job and always answer my questions. Even though they're usually very busy, they are always friendly. Having a compounding pharmacy at the site is really convenient and the staff is helpful and very responsive. Many patients I talk with during my visits have gone from doctor to doctor without being helped. Sometimes they were even made worse, as in my case. It is sometimes frustrating and overwhelming because improving health is not a simple thing, especially in chronic conditions. It requires making changes to treatments, adjusting doses of supplements and medications and retesting. Also making lifestyle changes are very important. Having worked in healthcare for 22 years, I like to do my own research. However, it takes a lot of work to filter through what's on the internet and in books. So I appreciate the efforts taken at Holtorf to educate their patients. They have posted their clinical pathway in the hallway, they produce educational videos and provide very good handouts at your first visit. They are making great efforts to help and are producing significant results. I'm very grateful to have found them.


I have had a really great experience with Dr Evans, I first started to see her in 2016 after being diagnosed with a thyroid condition. I was beyond exhausted and felt like the medication I had been prescribed wasn’t helping me at all. Dr Evans listened to all of my symptoms carefully as well as running full labs. Unlike some of the other DRs I had seen she didn’t just disregard my symptoms she evaluated my levels thoroughly and really listened to how I was feeling. She prescribed me different medication and I instantly began to feel better. She monitored my thyroid levels during pregnancy and now I can survive on practically no sleep with a small baby- I credit this to Dr Evans.

Dalit L.

I highly recommend Holtorf Medical Group to whomever is having any type of hormonal issues, and esp. thyroid issues.

I have been seeing Dr. Nancy Evans of this group for many years now, and she is great in addressing what is bothering the patient and will never make one feel that their symptoms are “all in their head” despite blood tests showing normal results sometimes. She, as well as Holtorf Medical Group, think outside the box with regards to medical and alternative treatments for patients, and will work with the patient, relentlessly, until they find a solution for the patient to feel better.

This group, as well as Dr. Evans, is gentle and their treatments are extremely individualized to meet one’s personal physical needs. Since I have been with Dr. Evans, my thyroid numbers have improved and my energy level has never been so good. They are also good at treating other hormonal issues with regards to testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, adrenal issues, etc.

They are also open to alternative treatments together with medical, which is what makes this group so unique.

They are definitely one of a kind, great service, great energy and they practice medicine as it should be practiced!!

Tara B.

I first saw Dr. Evans in January 2018 and have experienced a significant improvement in my health. Dr. Evans treated me for Hashimoto's, hormone imbalance from an unsuccessful treatment by another doctor and for PMS. I live outside of California and all of my appointments except for the initial appointment have been via phone.

Review of appointments:
Initial visit in CA: We reviewed labs, the intake paperwork (which was extensive) and also went over results of two types of testing performed at her office that were new to me. Dr. Evans suggested I undergo an ultrasound of my thyroid for a baseline measure and also helped me find an affordable facility in the area. While we reviewed labs and went over my symptom history, she made sure to take my symptoms and how I was feeling into consideration.

Ongoing appointments via phone: Dr. Evans is always warm and her approach to problem solving is methodical and thorough. Appointments are consistent in that 1) we talk about how I've been feeling 2) we review my labs 3) we discuss my treatment plan - she will alter the plan based on my concerns or other information I provide i.e. taper slowly instead of quickly or change one thing at a time to isolate what may be causing symptoms 4) always asks if I have any more questions or concerns and has very knowledgeable answers and 5) ensures I have enough medication and supplements until our next visit.

Kim, her liaison, follows up with me after the phone call for payment and to go over any medications or supplements that need to be ordered. She also coordinates with their compounding pharmacy. Within the week of my visit I’m mailed a treatment plan, claim forms for insurance, invoice/receipt, and labs to be drawn for the next appointment. The process is all very consistent and streamlined. I know exactly what to expect each appointment. Kim is very friendly, attentive and prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I've had.

I cannot thank Dr. Evans, Kim and the compounding pharmacy enough! It has been a huge relief to find a doctor and medical group that I trust by which I'm not having to research everything myself to get better. Dr. Evans is so knowledgeable and provides answers in a direct and honest yet kind and easy way for me to understand. Most importantly she has successfully treated me after several years of feeling unwell physically and mentally. I plan to continue treatment with Dr. Evans and have faith that she will successfully guide me through other hormonal changes in my future, such as pregnancy.

Tricia M.

I have been a patient at Holtorf Medical since 2008. I originally was referred to his office by a friend who was diagnosed with a hyperthyroidism. I myself was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism by an endocrinologist after the birth of my first child which eventually turned into hypothyroidism. I had mentioned to my friend that I didn’t really feel that the Synthroid I was prescribed agreed with my body but it was one of the only choices in the early 90s. Most Endocrinologists focused on diabetes not thyroid so I was hoping to find a doctor that would help me feel myself again. Dr. Holtorf was my original doctor in the practice . He explained bio identical hormones and how the T3 and T4 both needed to be at their optimum levels . I finally started to feel great again and the grayish hue in my skin color disappeared on the new treatment.

Dr Holtorf also assisted in a diagnosis for my 10 year old son in August of 2008, who had been diagnosed with Mononucleosis but was struggling to recover even months after. All the top LA doctors would listen to his symptoms and conclude that it sounded like his thyroid was affected, but after taking his blood test they would say he was “within the normal range” and dismiss thyroid as the cause moving on to many other tests like heart monitors. I asked Dr. Holtorf to look at his blood results. Dr Holtorf said that the tests were normal for a 70 year old man not a 10 year old boy! He placed my son on a small dose of thyroid for a year and his recovery was immediate. Dr Holtorf stated that his thyroid just needed to be rebooted and hopefully when he reached puberty he would been healthy and no longer need the thyroid which is exactly what happened. I’ve since learned that if your thyroid isn’t working during puberty it could affect your growth . My son is 6 ‘ 4 ‘ today at 21 years old.

As I aged, Dr Holtorf taught me about the bio identical hormone replacement for pre-menopause and menopause (BHRT) . I started on a small dose of Progesterone to manage my not normal and very heavy periods. My periods were normal again starting the very next month. Then as the years passed, I began BHRT . I continued to feel great. Dr Holtorf was expanding his practice and told me he would be focusing on some patients with complicated medical issues and referred me to another physician within his practice. Dr Evans has been monitoring my thyroid and hormone replacement now for the past 3 years. She has taken my health and well being seriously and continues to educate me on different treatment options available as I pass through the menopause years and special attention to my thyroid and continual necessary adjustments to my doses. I have learned that our bodies are ever changing and are also affected by our life experiences so it makes sense that we need to be willing to listen to our bodies and take care of it to the best of our abilities to prevent disease. We have to be an advocate of our own health and communicate to our doctors who take a serious interest in our well being. I understand that our current American medical system focuses more on us being ill rather than preventative. I found the Holtorf Center to be focused on preventative health care . I wish that we were financially rewarded for staying healthy but unfortunately we have to pay ourselves to stay healthy but it’s less expensive than being sick . I am grateful for the care I have received over the years from the Holtorf Center and their efforts to keep me healthy and feeling great. I also appreciate the friendly and personable service from the staff I have known for so many years now. Even if I were to move from the South Bay Area, I would still use the Holtorf Center as my primary care for hormones health and monitoring because they continue to be the leading and most current care facility in Hormone Replacement.

Raquel V.

I've had such amazing results and I owe it all to Dr. Evans! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love your friendly & supportive staff. Especially Kim Potter!


I’m not one for reviews or questionnaires but I’m happy to follow up this time.

Simply, Dr Evans exceeded my expectations in every possible way. She’s the exact right balance of academics, science, compassion and poise. She’s approachable, intelligent and extraordinary in presence of mind and heart. I felt listened to, understood, identified, challenged and mostly inspired to have a trusted professional partner to negotiate real health issues with. It is a great relief.

Thank you so much,

Steven K.

I cant believe how great I feel, after years of typical main stream medicine with no results. I am now feeling like the clock has been set back 20 years. I have a lower back spinal disease after years of poking and prodding by main stream doctors and thousand of dollars spent and no results with pain killers and therapy, I do believe they have it all wrong. I got tired of my medical insurance dictating I have to stay main stream and no results. I took the dive and invested my money with these doctors and it was the best thing I have ever done. I thank you so much for the health and well being you have brought me.

John G.

Dr. Evans brings a broad perspective in medical and healing modalities to her work, thus she looks at her patients as whole people rather than isolating a set of symptoms like most Western practitioners. I appreciate her emphasis on naturopathic remedies and approaches, while not being afraid to draw on allopathic pharmacoepia and conventional medicine to find the right pathway to healing for her patients. My energy level has increased, my attitude improved, and I feel healthier as a result of our work together so far and following her protocols. Dr. Evans recognizes that health is dynamic and that adjustments are always needing to be made, so my follow-up appointments are not about creating a routine of payment and dependency but rather focus on optimization of my health and well-being. She has a great "bed-side manner" and makes her patients feel comfortable addressing their health challenges and open up to the possibility of wellness.


And my new ND is totally on board with me. Her name is Dr. Nancy Evans and she works out of the Holtorf Medical Group's Foster City location. She's an ND specializing in endocrinology and Lyme disease, and I would highly recommend anybody in the Bay Area with thyroid disease or chronic fatigue make an appointment. Not all endocrinologists are created equal. Far from it. She balances western medicine, including pharmaceuticals, with naturopathy, gives you a full hour of time, listens intently, and runs the proper tests to see if a chronic infection could be throwing off your thyroid. She's not cheap, and the office doesn't handle insurance, but you can always file an out-of-network claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. Good health doesn't come cheap or easy. She's worth the out-of-pocket expense. I highly recommend her to anybody with or without Lyme disease.