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Moses Laufer, M.D.

Moses A Laufer, M.D. specializes in the treatment of thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and nutraceutical therapy. He also specializes in innovative treatments for weight management and headache syndromes. Dr. Moses Laufer’s mission is to provide the latest researched based treatments and safest methods for improving the quality of his patients’ lives.

He is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed his residency training at the Hospital of the Good Samaritan in Los Angeles. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Moses Laufer is the former director of physician services and programs for the Kronos Group where he developed procedures and coordinated and trained more than 120 physicians from all fifty states in the treatment of thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and nutraceutical therapy.

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Almira G.

Dr. Laufer has been a Godsend for me and my family ever since we consulted him in 2016. He is such a caring and considerate person. I can discuss with him any symptom I might be concerned about. I feel so confident that he will always answer my questions efficiently, inteligently, and lovingly. He has always advised me to the best option in my case. I would love to refer Dr. Laufer to any and all of my friends and family members!!

Gina R.

I have been seeing Dr. Laufer for about 6 years. Right from the start, he has been patient, going through all 5 years of medical records diligently since my symptoms appeared, listening not to just the main issue and symptoms, but all of them each time I see him, spending as much time as I need with him.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease the year before by another doctor who unfortunately passed away. I was lucky to find that both doctors belonged to the same medical group and worked with the same science / fact based practices. This means that they work with what I call integrated medicine, both sides (medical and natural). I did the antibiotics before I came to Dr. Laufer, they didn’t help, they destroyed my intestinal tract. Dr. Laufer has spent these 6 years building me back up. After spending the first few years in bed, he got me out enjoying life again. I’ve vacationed abroad, I rode a “Century” last August! Thanks to God and Dr. Laufer, I am doing very well and continue to get stronger every year. This is a big deal as I am now 55 years old. I highly recommend him for not just Lyme Disease, but hormone replacement, and especially when you aren’t sure what’s the matter. Dr. Laufer will figure it out by proper testing, and treat you in a way that works for you. I’ve sent friends and my husband! I felt better the first time I left the office! I have hope again! I have a life again!


I went through 6 doctors searching for answers. I was in extreme pain and every dr just wanted me to go on medication and not listen to me. However, when I went to see Dr. Laufer he listened to me and treated me as an individual. What works for other patients might not work for me and he treats his patients in that way. I have seen him now for 3 years and I am much better now and my body is slowly improving. I have serious illinesses such as Chronic Lyme Disease a Thyroid problem and Fibromyaligia. He spends a good 30 mintues with me each appointment and will do phone appointments when I am unable to come in.


I have had a very good experience with Dr. Laufer. He listens and cares about you and what effects your health. He has helped me feel much better and given me real things to work with. Other endocrinologists have just tested and retested and done nothing at all to help. He has a very good grasp of his field and explains things so you understand. I travel quite a way to see him and he is worth it!

Linda C.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Holtorf and Dr. Laufer for their true compassion and understanding that they and the staff have given me. I have only met one other physician in my life, so far, that has that same attitude toward their patients. I am now in my 4th month of treatment for CFS, hashimotos thyroid disease, fibromyalgia and totally unbalanced numerous other hormones and minerals. I recently made a trip to Southern California from Las Vegas, NV where I reside and the doctors were totally tuned in to me. I was really struggling that day with the cfs issues and the combination treatments made an instant change in my clarity and energy. They were tuned into my needs–I was completely unaware until the afternoon when I felt a burst of energy and relaxation that I have not felt in years; that I realized he was aware of my current struggle.

Thank you so much for truly caring about me and your other patients. I observed it all day in the clinic. Dr. Holtorf and Dr. Laufer are truly angels reaching out to people who are truly ill and have not been heard by other physicians for years. I also heard other patients speaking about the other doctors at the clinic and they spoke in the same manner of their respective physicians on the staff. It has truly been a blessing to meet all of you at the clinic and finally be on the road to making by body healthy again…..for anyone thinking about bio-identical therapy… Dr. Holtorf’s study, do some of your own research and then decide for yourself. I know for me that it is the right decision for me as a breast cancer survivor from Premarin and my quality of life is improving as I go through this journey.

Derek S.

Amazing is probably the best description of my experience at Holtorf Medical Group. I almost forgot what it was like to feel this good each and every day. And to think my previous primary care physician just wanted me to take some Prozac. The nurse practitioner, who saw me and the entire staff at Holtorf are the most caring professionals anyone could hope to find in the medical industry. And most importantly, they all get it. I am always happy to give my highest recommendation to my family and friends on the "fountain of youth" I was blessed enough to find in Torrance. I myself will be a patient here for remainder of my life.

Margi S.

I have been going to Holtorf Medical Group for a year now. I was able to return to work. I am up now 6 out of 7 days a week. They listen and do extensive lab work. They are very encouraging and have been able to prescribe the proper treatment. I was very, very sick when I went to Holtorf, needing a miracle. I know some treatments can cost a lot of money and I sold my home and have relocated in order to afford the medications. I even had to move away from my family but it was that or be miserable. I chose to live and be a member of the human race and not locked up in my home in bed. What you read on their website is true.