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The Holtorf Medical Group Blog is designed to share timely information on topics that our patients and friends want to hear about. Every month a new topic is discussed and they are archived so that you go back and read them over again. The Holtorf Medical Group Blog prides itself on providing pertinent information that will help all patients find information that they are looking for.

Perimenopause and Menopause are Real Conditions

Patient Safety: Stop Dismissing Perimenopause/Menopause

These times in a woman’s life are marked with dramatic fluctuations in hormones and notable shifts in bodily function. This transition varies in intensity from person to person. However, everyone benefits from increased understanding of the conditions as well as …

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Understanding Thyroid Disease

Patient Safety: Stop Dismissing Thyroid Disease

With an estimated 27 million adults in the U.S. suffering from thyroid disorders and up to 40% of the population experiencing suboptimal thyroid function, it is critical we understand thyroid health and the proper means of treatment. Introduction to Thyroid …

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Lyme Disease is Real

Patient Safety: Stop Dismissing Lyme Disease

One can go years without realizing or being diagnosed with this debilitating, life-altering condition. Experts estimate that there are nearly 500,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year. As a global pandemic, it is important to sift through the mystery …

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Adrenal Fatigue is a Real Condition

Patient Safety: Stop Dismissing Adrenal Fatigue

Our adrenals are integral to the body’s stress response. If they become overworked due to constant activation, or are incapable of producing sufficient hormones to appropriately respond to stress, the result is rippling dysfunction and inflammation throughout the body. Unfortunately, …

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Food for a Good Night's Sleep

5 Foods that Promote a Good Night’s Sleep

Many know that eating heartburn inducing foods and drinking caffeinated beverages before bed can lead to tossing and turning. Alternatively, regularly eating some or all five of the food groups listed below can improve sleep duration and quality. Lean Proteins …

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Health Benefits of Sleep

6 Health Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is not only necessary for proper bodily function and health but it also offers several additional benefits. The following six areas benefit greatly from improved sleep. Knowing the positive impact of sleep on your wellness and overall ability may …

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Your doctor and the insurance company

The Reason Your Doctor Won’t Perform Tests and Treatments You Ask For

Yes, you read that right. While most of us choose our healthcare providers based on this very criteria (whether or not they take our health insurance), the mere fact that they do may be greatly affecting the quality of care …

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tips to be heart healthy

5 Tips To Be Heart Healthy

Cardiovascular disease takes more lives each year than all other forms of cancer combined. The statistics tell us that every 60 seconds, someone dies from a heart disease-related event. It is clearly one of the most pressing health concerns of …

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Heart Heath and Thyroid Disease

Heart Health and Hormones – Thyroid Edition

When a person experiences a problem with their heart, blood pressure, or even high cholesterol, they usually begin with their primary doctor. Your doctor, after evaluating the heart disease symptoms, may refer you to a cardiac specialist. Cardiologists may only …

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Raising Heart Health Awareness

President’s Day Bringing Heart Health Awareness

Heart health was a personally impactful issue for Johnson, as it is for many presidents. Johnson himself suffered multiple heart attacks during his life, the last of which was the cause of his death. It is not surprising that his …

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