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Patients of Holtorf Medical Group are happy and get well. In a peer reviewed study published in Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 94% of our patients had overall improvement by the 4th visit. Here are the highlights:

500 patient study demonstrated that a multi-system treatment protocol that addresses the
known physiologic abnormalities in CFS and fibromyalgia resulted in:

  • 94 percent of patients had overall improvement by the 4th visit.
  • 75 percent noted significant overall improvement.
  • 62 percent reported substantial overall improvement.
  • The average energy level and sense of well-being for patients doubled
    by the fourth visit.

We have more than just a study. We have Holtorf Medical Group patients that give us testimonials and reviews like the ones you can read here.

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No results- no diagnosis- big bucks

Nov 25, 2014 by Jeanne

I went to the clinic 1 hour away. Everyone is friendly. My insurance didn\'t cover the blood work...get ready for a $5000 bill. I was given hormones before the doc knew what my results where. After the results, most things look good. There is no idea why I have exhaustion & goiter...and pay on your way out.

Response: Hi Jeanne,

We\'re glad you had a pleasant experience at our Utah office. Can we have someone from our friendly staff discuss whether this as an actual bill or an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company? While labs play an important part in our treatment we also consider your medical history and symptoms. We\'d be happy to talk to you in-depth to explain your questions and concerns.

!Have not had this much energy in a long time! long time

Sep 24, 2014 by Michele U

I am absolutely impressed with Dr. Lyster and her staff!
I have been to two other Doctor's and just felt like they were missing something.
My first visit was two and half hours . Dr. Lyster spends the time and truly listens to what is going in with your body. She recommended we get my sleep issue corrected first. I was truly skeptical when she prescribed Holtorf's Melatonin and their " Sleep Tight " . By the second night taking the supplements I was sleeping all through the night . By the fourth day I was waking up bright eyed and ready to take on the day. I had not felt that way in a very long time.
I was amazed with the thoroughness of the blood work Dr.Lyster ordered.
My second visit Dr. Lyster went over ALL my blood work ,explaining everything in detail . WOW , how many doctor's do that now days!
It was such a relief to finally understand why I felt so tired all the time and gaining weight .
She explained to me that I was not producing T-3 , my Omega 3, DHEA / Pregnenolone , vitamin D were extremely low as well as my adrenal system was was not doing it's job either.
Dr.lyster sent me home with a goodie bag of supplements for my adrenal system , the DHEA/Pregnenolone , Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12.
By day five of being on the supplements I felt like a different person!
I was not exhausted by noon. I was getting things accomplished again.
My husband one night jokingly said to me " when did you start doing cocaine " .
I look forward to dropping the 25 pounds I have packed on and living life again.
THANK YOU Dr. Lsyter and Staff !!!

Feel Better than every in over 3 years!

Jul 31, 2014 by David R, DDS

I started seeing Dr. Lyster in Foster City about 1 year ago. This was after seeing 2 GPs and 5 different rheumatologists over 3 years with no improvement in symptoms. I would literally have to beg to get more tests done by my PCP. I was initially diagnosed with RA, but none of the RA meds worked (Methotrexate, Plaquenil, Embryl). I would get weekly flareups which affected my quality of life dramatically (flu like symptoms, achy joints, extreme fatigue, etc.)
Since seeing Dr. Lyster for less than 1 year, all of my symptoms have improved DRAMATICALLY. I have more energy than in the past 3 1/2 years and flareups have gone down to less than 1 per month.
I highly recommend Dr. Lyster and the programs developed by Dr. Holtorf. Traditional medicine has NOTHING over what these medical doctors provide, and they ARE MDs, so this is NOT hokey pokey! As a dentist, I completely agree with their approach. I am not one to go to Holistic doctors. The combination of traditional medicine, a thorough investigation into your health history, extensive blood tests and careful monitoring, combined with supplements is where medicine SHOULD be going, but Obama Care and insurance will never allow that type of comprehensive care. Too Bad!
Thank you!
Dr. R

Liver Extract to treat Plebitis/Cellutitis

Jan 04, 2014 by Ester

Dear Dr. Holtorf,
I just wanted to write to thank you for making Liver Extract available to your patients by injection. Thank you for making it affordable, too.
I recently had a vascular incident in my lower left leg which felt like a bruise gone wrong. It quickly moved into cellulitis like symptoms. Upon injecting 1cc of the Liver Extract 2x/day, I became better in 12 hours and continued for 10 days.
In the meantime, I dropped by my primary care office when the weekend was over and was diagnosed with Plebitis/cellutitis and antibiotics would have been prescribed. They were happy to see the Liver Extract was working so well and saw no need to prescribe me the antibiotics.
Thank you! Thank you! for making the Liver Extract available to us, your patients.

Service and Staff

Nov 08, 2013 by Cheri B

Dear Dr. Holtorf,
I just want to let you know that the service with your clinic staff is much improved. The reception at the front desk is 100% better from a year ago. Notable is Pam, Marcie, Felicia and Naomi at the front desk(so much nicer than previous staff) all these ladies have been great.
I'm not ready to try the dispensary yet because AIP is so exceptional, sorry. Since DeeDee just moved on from there who knows what the future holds there.
Thank you for listening to my concerns in April. I know that you all are striving for quality care for your patients.
Cheri (5 Year Patient)
P.S. I still love Dr. Laufer, too.

Thank you so much for truly caring about me and your other patients

Jul 11, 2013 by Linda C.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Holtorf and Dr. Laufer for their true compassion and understanding that they and the staff have given me. I have only met one other physician in my life, so far, that has that same attitude toward their patients. I am now in my 4th month of treatment for CFS, hashimotos thyroid disease, fibromyalgia and totally unbalanced numerous other hormones and minerals. I recently made a trip to Southern California from Las Vegas, NV where I reside and the doctors were totally tuned in to me. I was really struggling that day with the cfs issues and the combination treatments made an instant change in my clarity and energy. They were tuned into my needs–I was completely unaware until the afternoon when I felt a burst of energy and relaxation that I have not felt in years; that I realized he was aware of my current struggle.

Thank you so much for truly caring about me and your other patients. I observed it all day in the clinic. Dr. Holtorf and Dr. Laufer are truly angels reaching out to people who are truly ill and have not been heard by other physicians for years. I also heard other patients speaking about the other doctors at the clinic and they spoke in the same manner of their respective physicians on the staff. It has truly been a blessing to meet all of you at the clinic and finally be on the road to making by body healthy again…..for anyone thinking about bio-identical therapy…..read Dr. Holtorf’s study, do some of your own research and then decide for yourself. I know for me that it is the right decision for me as a breast cancer survivor from Premarin and my quality of life is improving as I go through this journey.

I am forever grateful

Jul 08, 2013 by Tracey D.

I feel like I could write a book describing the excruciatingly painful and frustrating battle I’ve gone through for so many, many years since my health first began to decline. Suffice it to say, that fifteen months ago, just before I found Dr. Wightman and Holtorf Medical Group, I was in such bad shape that I sincerely did not believe that I would survive another year. I felt in my heart that I would die very soon if I couldn’t find a doctor who knew what was wrong with me; and by that, I mean the root problem of all my illnesses. I’m writing this testimonial because I want other people to hold on to the hope that there are doctors out there who can help. It angers me that so many people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia cannot get help, and/or are not believed by other doctors or family members that there truly is something wrong with us. I’m writing this to give someone else hope that finally you’ve found the right doctors to help you. I personally sought help through more than fifteen doctors on both coasts, all in major metropolitan areas; most of them endocrinologists; but I also saw gastroenterologists, neurologists, cardiologists, and an immunologist. Over the years I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, several chronic viral infections, ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, yet none of the doctors I went to were able to help me feel better. The immunologist who found the viral infections and also confirmed the fm and CFS told me “I know you’re in a lot of pain, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help you. Not enough is known about CFS and these viruses yet.”

I first started searching for a doctor to help me with my fatigue over sixteen years ago. After numerous blood tests over the period of a year, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease and was prescribed Synthroid. It helped a little, but I never felt healthy and energetic ever again. Within the first year of my illness, still in my twenties, I went from being extremely athletic to sleeping all day on my days off and even falling asleep standing up on many occasions. Additionally, my once beautiful hair began to fall out, I started bruising easily, my periods became irregular and nearly unbearable with horrific pain and clots, my finger nails were brittle, my legs always hurt, deep down in the muscle tissue, and yes, I gained weight, even though I was eating less than I used to eat. Sometimes, if I was really fatigued my vision would turn black and white instead of color, and I would feel light headed and dizzy. Every year the fatigue worsened and the pain worsened. I started getting severe headaches, something I never had when I was younger. I started getting cold easier. I used to be the one who was always hot. I started getting sick easier. Before sixteen years ago, I never missed a day of work or a day of high school. Then one year I started feeling fatigued and pain nearly all the time. Even after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and taking the prescribed Synthroid, I continued having all the classic symptoms of low thyroid function and I argued repeatedly with numerous endocrinologists that I was not on the right thyroid medicine. They all argued back that tests already showed that they were prescribing too much Synthroid for me. I argued repeatedly through the years that they cannot rely on standard TSH, T3, and T4 blood test to judge how much Synthroid to prescribe. I said it made no sense to medicate me according to those standard tests that did not show any indication of my Hashimoto’s in the first place. It is not logical to use tests that don’t even show my problem. Needless to say I was extremely frustrated by many doctors who were not knowledgeable enough to help me.

About seven years ago, my health had declined so much that I had to start keeping my house at 84 degrees through the nights. Otherwise I would wake up with a sore throat, congestion and fever. I started getting migraine headaches on a daily basis. My fm pain increased horribly. For the last five years before I found Holtorf Medical Group, I was only eating between 800 and 1000 calories per day, literally, and even though I was on my feet all day at work, I was still gaining weight. I had gotten to a very tight size 16, top and bottom and I weighed over 200 lbs. My endocrinologist rolled her eyes and said, “well, you’re obviously not counting everything you eat.” She didn’t believe me. I insisted that I was reading labels and counting everything. I told her my metabolism was extremely slow and I thought I needed more thyroid medicine. I worked through my pain. Luckily I have a high tolerance for pain. My once spotless home became a chronic mess because I was always too exhausted to do any chores after work. I had stacks of mail and paper work sitting throughout the house, awaiting a time when my head was clear enough to deal with paperwork. I got behind on paying bills, not because I didn’t have the money, but because I didn’t have the energy and the cognizance I needed to deal with paperwork. What I needed was sleep. For six years I slept 18-20 hours on my days off so that I could make it through the next work week. The last year before I found Dr. Wightman, I was having to sleep in my car during my lunch break so that I could function at least somewhat the second half of my work day. Then I would have to sleep again after work before I could safely navigate the ten mile drive home from work. I got to the point that every step I took was an effort. I bought a medic alert bracelet because I felt so weak all the time that I knew eventually that someone would find me on the floor. I couldn’t think straight. My head was always in a fog. My memory was going. My ability to multi-task was gone. Sometimes I could not absorb information at work at all. I even started dropping consonants when I spoke. I could hear my speech impediment but I couldn’t do anything to correct it. I knew I was losing brain function and I was scared. I started regularly misjudging distances. I walked into things regularly, including walls and doorways in my own home.

For several years I could feel my heart beating funny when I was fatigued. I even showed positive for myocardial ischemia on a static EKG. However when I was referred to a cardiologist, he dismissed it because the problem didn’t occur during a treadmill EKG. I’ve learned since then that if myocardial ischemia is due to a lack of oxygen, it will not usually show up on a treadmill EKG and that people with this problem usually have heart failure at rest. (I always described my deep muscle pain to doctors as feeling like my muscles are lacking oxygen).

I was finally asked to leave work because I couldn’t function anymore, despite my determination to work past the pain. My brain fogs were too debilitating to get my work done. My human resources director asked me to go home and not to come back until I was 100% healthy. I told her “you don’t understand. I won’t get better. I’ve searched for doctors for years and I can’t find one who can help me.” I had no choice. Effective immediately, I was no longer allowed to work.

I went straight to my endocrinologist. I had a low grade fever, ulcerative colitis, constant migraines everyday for more than a year, constant deep muscle pain plus sporadic random stabs of pain throughout my body, at a rate of more than 300 stabs of pain in a five minute period that I counted. I had blurred vision for the first couple hours after waking up each and everyday. By the time I showered each morning, I needed to go back to bed I was so exhausted. My ability to judge distances was impaired throughout the day, everyday. My body was covered in a rash of tiny red dots. My feet were completely calloused. My hands and elbows were dry. My big toes and the tips of the rest of my toes had all been completely numb for more than three years. I had numerous hang nails on my fingers. I scarred from scratches where the skin wasn’t even broken. I had lost over one third of my hair. My skin was thin. You could see the tiny blood vessels through my fragile skin. My brain fogs were so bad that my Mom said that at times it seemed like I had Alzheimer’s She often found me standing with a blank expression on my face, not knowing what I should be doing or where I was. I woke up in pain and I went to bed with pain. I was miserable and I felt like I could die at any moment. My endocrinologist ran lots of blood tests, everything that she knew to check. I saw her three times in the first twelve days after I was sent home from work. I was sleeping eighteen to twenty hours per day and waking up tired! On the third visit she went over all my blood test. She had not found anything new that she didn’t already know about. So therefore her conclusion was that I was making up all the symptoms and that it was a psychological problem. She suggested that I take anti-depressents that she wanted to prescribe for my ” attitude of tiredness!!” I couldn’t believe she said it! When I questioned her disbelief in my report of my symptoms, she said that she ran every test she could possibly run and none of the tests show any problems that could cause any pain or loss of brain function that I was describing. She told me that nothing proves any of the symptoms that I reported. I begged her not to stop searching for the cause of my weak immune system and all my pain. She said there were no other tests that she could run, and she suggested that I see a psychiatrist. I went home and cried myself to sleep. During the crying I prayed again for God to help me find a doctor. I sobbed tears of hopelessness.

When I woke up, something made me go to my computer and research my illnesses once again. It had been awhile since I had researched it on my own. I couldn’t believe what I found! My prayers were answered!! The third website I went to after Googling chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, was the Holtorf Medical Group website. I read about a reverse T3 thyroid condition, and I knew right away that I had it, and that was why the standard TSH, T3 and T4 tests never showed my problem. The more information I read on this website, the more problems I related to my own health. When I read the patient testimonials, I cried when I read one that described a patient’s health before finding Dr. Wightman. It was just like how I felt. I cried because for the first time in fifteen years I felt real hope that I finally found the right doctors who could help me feel better; help me to live again, and maybe help me before I end up with brain disease or heart disease, which I felt was imminent in my not so distant future.

I was in such bad shape that I had very few friends, and didn’t see the ones I still had, simply because I had no energy to do anything. I couldn’t even stay awake through a movie at home, much less go out and be sociable. All I had done for many years was work and sleep; work and sleep. I did nothing fun because I couldn’t. I was always too fatigued and in excruciating pain.

When I first saw Dr. Wightman he spent a full hour with me, discussing my health, inside and out, throughout my life, so that he could identify when my health started to decline and what the progression was. I knew very quickly that he was far more knowledgeable than any other doctor I had ever seen. He was also caring and understanding. He actually spoke to me as if he believed all the symptoms I was telling him. Finally Dr. Wightman told me “you’re a mess! And the bad thing is that we’re going to find a lot more wrong than what your other doctors have already found. Before my first appointment, I had faxed all blood tests done by my endocrinologist, my gastroenterologist, a cardiologist, a neurologist, and an immunologist, within the previous six months. Without duplicating any of the tests, Dr. Wightman ordered so many additional tests that I had 32 test tubes of blood drawn that morning!! He is extremely thorough!!

The problem is that when your immune system is shot for so many years, that it is no longer just one problem. It is many problems. The doctors at Holtorf Medical Group know this. They will not dismiss you as other doctors have. They will use their knowledge along with your own knowledge of how your health has changed; and they will partner with you to help you get better. Most of my health issues went undiagnosed for over fifteen years. Dr. Wightman discovered many conditions that he was able to correct or put in remission. Having gone so many years without help, my complications are such that my health may never return 100%, but it is a hell of a lot better, if I can say that!! I go to bed looking forward to waking up without pain in the mornings. I don’t walk into walls anymore. My memory has improved. I don’t have migraines everyday anymore; only when I over do it. I don’t have as much pain. My vision and distance perception is much improved. I only sleep about ten hours during the night and I take an afternoon nap of a half hour to two hours each day. I can take care of myself again. I look so much better that I often get compliments at church. My hair is growing back and it is growing shiny and healthy! My periods don’t hurt anymore. I don’t have low grade fever and congestion everyday anymore, and I keep my thermostat set at a normal 72 degrees now! My skin looks much healthier on my face, hands and feet. And of course, a really cool thing is: I’ve lost lots of weight!! I now wear a size 10 on the top and a size 6 on the bottom. I lost all that weight while actually eating more than I did the previous five years. I now eat an average of 1500 calories per day and I lose weight. It’s amazing what the right thyroid medicine and the right vitamins and hormones will do for you!!

Oh, and by the way, Dr. Wightman and the Holtorf Medical Group strongly believe in all natural medicine and nutrients for patient treatment.

In closing, let me say this. If your condition is as bad as mine was, don’t expect to be 100% better overnight. My migraines and my pain improved the very first visit, but the fatigue and the brain fogs improved slowly over time. I still continue to get better and stronger with each passing month. My family and close friends and I all agree that my recovery is a miracle. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Wightman and Holtorf Medical Group saved my life. Now that I know the severity of some of my health issues, I know that it is truly amazing that I am still alive today. I owe my life and my regained strength and energy to Dr. Wightman and Holtorf Medical Group. I believe that God works through many people and that he brings people into our lives for a reason. If you saw me fifteen months ago and then saw me again now, you would see the miraculous difference in me and my health and you would have hope that the same is possible for you. I have so much of my health back that I also have my smile back!

To Dr. Wightman and Dr. Holtorf, and their entire staff, I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing each of you whenever I walk into your office. God Bless You All.

He listens; he gives me relevant and helpful perspective based on his experience

Jul 01, 2013 by Lori P.

Hello Dr. Holtorf,

I have been working with Dr. Camilleri for almost a year now, and I am writing to tell you that he is the best doctor I have worked with by far. In particular, I think he is the perfect doctor for women who have been through the school of hard knocks to finally discover and understand their thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone problems and want to be treated as partners with significant input into their treatment plans. He has the right knowledge and personality to work effectively with those of us who believe that we need to take responsibility for our health and manage our own care, tapping into the right experts for support along the way. Those of us who want to put two heads together to problem solve and experiment to find solutions that work - particularly when things digress from clear-cut textbook, which is certainly the case with me and almost all of the women I've run into via the Yahoo! groups for those with adrenal and rt3 issues, along with hypothyroidism.

I am 43 years old and have been sub-clinical hypo for perhaps most of my life (decades undiagnosed) with a pretty severe case of adrenal insufficiency that went over the edge in my late thirties. Like so many, I spent years searching for answers from doc to doc, therapy to therapy, only getting worse until I discovered, through my own research and reading, what was wrong with me and learned what would likely help. Thing is, I was having quite a time finding someone who agreed with me, never mind someone who would help me with appropriate treatment! I was told I was fine and to stop worrying a countless number of times; I was offered anti-depressants; I was told to see a psychiatrist; I was treated for all kinds of symptoms springing from the real problem, some of them making things worse. Finally, shortly after I crossed over into "alternative" medicine, I found someone who recognized and would treat my thyroid problem, but I did not respond well to treatment, and no one seemed to understand why. Again, I was seen as the problem.

I would feel great for a few days on Armour and then get worse and worse due to what I later learned (again, on my own) was completely drained adrenals, high rt3 and low ferritin. I finally got myself to a doc who would prescribe HC, and it helped considerably (although not "the" answer for me due to other problems like Leaky Gut, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, etc.), but she didn't really listen to me, or at least I never felt truly heard; I could tell she was frustrated by my constant reports of reactions that were not typical or expected; and she did not want to work with my knowledge, intuition and preferences as part of the equation for treatment - she took this as a challenge to her expertise, I think, which was certainly not my intention.

Although on the right treatment path, I was so strung out and exhausted by the time I found Dr. Camilleri, and I was discouraged and frustrated at not having someone who understands all these issues to work WITH. Dealing with healthcare professionals had become another stressor for me that was seriously impacting the overall picture and my ability to "pull it together" to work productively toward better health.

Long story short, per our conversation, I could tell at my first appointment that Dr. Camilleri "got" Adrenal Insufficiency. When discussing my lack of success and strange reactions to things one would think would help, he used an analogy about tugging on the branches of a tree that is not rooted strongly in the ground. Boy did that resonate. I was literally walking around light-headed most of the time - supplements, any stress, even social interactions, would just throw me completely off so easily.

I had become a recluse, and I was hanging on by my fingernails, although you probably wouldn't know it to look at me. I hadn't been able to work at that point for 2 years, and I was seriously wondering if I was dying. I NEEDED someone to "get" me; give me credit for all I had learned through the school or hard knocks, as well as my own research; and work WITH me based on his clinical experience and deeper understanding of physiology and biochemistry. I got that from Dr. Camilleri, and it has been terrific.

He listens; he gives me relevant and helpful perspective based on his experience; he offers suggestions when needed that open up possibilities/paths for me; and he factors in what I think based on knowing my body and my history better than anyone, as well as knowing that I do my homework, and I have a brain - there is no ego getting in the way ever.

This is relieving and refreshing.

He's also willing to try things based on what's actually happening with me symptom-wise vs. being married to lab results that simply don't cut it for optimal treatment sometimes. I've been to "top-notch" endocrinologists who would not prescribe glandular thyroid hormone for me base on my labs, never mind t3! I've been to a Stanford Hematologist who told me taking iron would be dangerous based on my labs - my ferritin at that point was 16, and I had many symptoms of iron deficiency, including intolerance to t3 with adrenals fully supported.

It's a scary, scary medical world out there for those of us with these issues that are relatively new to even "alternative" medicine and not even on the radar for conventional. Without self-education and taking charge of our own cases, we would be destined to live pitiful, sad, depressed lives in the gray area between the world of the living and the dead until we finally wither into non-existence. And that is not overly-dramatic.

I went from a high-achieving, social, productive person to someone barely able to function who often wished she'd just not wake up because there was no joy, and it was just too damn hard to get through the day. As much as the right diagnosis and treatment, women in my boat need a doctor who can connect with empathy and compassion as a human being, as well as someone with openness to new knowledge, respect for individuality and the ability to weave symptoms and even personal characteristics with the labs. I came in with the right diagnosis and core treatment, but Dr. Camilleri came through with the other things on the list, and it has made all the difference for me.

I do not have my life back on my own terms yet, but I am a world better than I was this time last year, and I see improvements sneaking up on me little by little. Today, I am happy to be alive and look forward (albeit impatiently) to being fully engaged in a productive, fulfilling life. I am grateful to have a partner to work with in turning things around, as the process is slow and often painful, with so many ups and downs along the way.

I have enough to manage and worry about on this path without worrying about whether my doctor will understand what I'm talking about; how to get what I think I need in terms of treatment; if my doc will support me in trying new things, etc. I would see Dr. Camilleri every month if I could afford it! Dr. Camilleri is a rare find, and I am grateful to be working with him.

Thank you, too, for what you do on the front lines to pave the way for good medicine. As I'm sure you well know, you're ahead of your time, and that's always risky in the medical profession.

He is the only practitioner who has been able to help me.

Jun 24, 2013 by Katheryn M.

Dr. Holtorf - Thanks for bringing good health to your patients for teaching others to do the same. I have been seeing Dr. Camilleri since September. After being ill for four years and seeing many different doctors with no results, he is the only practitioner who has been able to help me.

Dr Wightman correctly found the causes of weight and health issues that had existed for 15 years.

Jun 17, 2013 by Steve B.

I would like to thank Dr Wayne Wightman and the Holtorf Medical Group for turning my health around. Dr Wightman correctly found the causes of weight and health issues that had existed for 15 years. For years, I spent a lot of time and money on care that left me a 315 lb hormone wreck. I was tired of taking thyroid medicine that seemed to make my weight worse and not better, I was tired all the time, and not getting the answers from all the different doctors and specialists I had seen. I was close to giving up, but someone recommended the Holtorf Medical Group and I read the site and said “Hey, that’s me too.” It’s been just over 12 months since I saw Dr Wightman and things have changed a lot. I dropped to 190 lb and never felt better.

The symptoms of thyroid and adrenal problems cleared up enough that people don’t recognize me, and even my driver’s license and passport photos get me in trouble “Hey this huge guy in this photo does not look like you, etc..” I went from 4X shirts to medium, and have a 36” waist that was a huge bulge one year ago. I spent 15 years chasing weight and medical problems that were linked to even more trouble before that; 5 years of ulcerative colitis. I got that corrected, but not after some significant surgery and a couple years of strong medicine – Prednisone. I kept working during the years I had ulcerative colitis, but it was pretty stressful and when it was over, I just wanted to take a break! Not long after I got the ulcerative colitis corrected, I started piling on weight. I tried hard to exercise it off, with no luck. I ate a lowfat diet and was very active, and grew anyway to 245, then 260, then 280. No diet ever seemed to work. I saw a specialist and he found my triglycerides to be way off the chart high, but had no explanation since I was so active. I then developed most of the symptoms of hypothyroid, and this was confirmed with a very high TSH.

For years, I took synthroid but the weight stayed on and got worse. I wasn’t happy with it and suspicious that something was missing. I would always ask endocrinologists why the high triglycerides and aren’t we missing something? They never had a good answer. At my first visit to Holtorf, Dr Wightman pretty much figured out my case just from listening to my story and checking what medicine I was on. I was on a lot of Synthroid and huge in size, so he suspected (and later confirmed) reverse T3 syndrome. This was complicated by adrenal failure that I am pretty sure dates back even farther than the thyroid, but no one knew. I took his advice on diet and the supplements he said would clear up the things that were so out of balance in blood tests.

I started hormones, including pure T3, and things really cleared up. I lost 10 pounds a month until I got to 190. I could write a whole page on the problems that went away when the weight did. It’s just been remarkable. Thanks again Dr Wightman and the Holtorf Medical Center for having such a great program and figuring out problems no one else could.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Thyroid Treatment, Fatigue | Holtorf Medical Group , USA 4.9 5.0 61 61 I went to the clinic 1 hour away. Everyone is friendly. My insurance didn\'t cover the blood work...get ready for a $5000 bill. I was given hormones before the doc knew what my